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Raushan Bekturova
I really enjoyed it...Great energy |
Like · Reply · · 1 hr ago
Melissa Sweetman
Great plot! Great episode! Thank you I love this site!
Like · Reply · · 3 hrs ago
Carmenza Duran Pena
ll the reviews that say this movie has no plot are either trolls, idiots, or didn't are to take the time to watch previous episodes...
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Andy Russell
I am not the biggest tv fan but this season was very enjoyable. There was the expected little bit of humor and a few twist and turns. It actually had a story line rather than all action scenes.
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Franklin Torres
This was a really good episode. The people rating it one star are probably turned off by it's very truthful political message
Like · Reply · · 5 hrs ago
Paige Hubbs
The plot and everything surrounding this episode is perfect. Very perfect.
Like · Reply · · 7 hrs ago
Loubna Duman
Brave, brilliant and better than it has any right to be.
Like · Reply · · 8 hrs ago
Todd Copen
Gotta say, never a dull moment in this one and I never felt overwhelmed which surprised me with about a thousand cast members in this one. Great job!
Like · Reply · · 12 hrs ago