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Raushan Bekturova
It's a good tv show. Suitable for all ages. Tells people everyone is selfish
Like · Reply · · 1 hr ago
Melissa Sweetman
This was a really good episode. The people rating it one star are probably turned off by it's very truthful political message
Like · Reply · · 3 hrs ago
Carmenza Duran Pena
I really enjoyed it...Great energy |
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Andy Russell
The few negative reviews so far sound like people who just don't know how to have fun at show so ignore that and go enjoy!
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Franklin Torres
Good quality thanks for hd
Like · Reply · · 5 hrs ago
Paige Hubbs
What freakin tv show this is awesome the best episode from the JKC yet!!!
Like · Reply · · 7 hrs ago
Loubna Duman
Great TV SHow, loved it. Great action, great job. I hope they make a 3rd.
Like · Reply · · 8 hrs ago
Todd Copen
Great plot! Great episode! Thank you I love this site!
Like · Reply · · 12 hrs ago