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Raushan Bekturova
I totally recommend it to you : Take your kids, siblings, family, friends, partners and go!
Like · Reply · · 1 hr ago
Melissa Sweetman
Don't let negative reviews hold you back. I have seen this twice and will go to see it again with friends and family, who have not seen it. Go see it with an open mind, and you will be glad you did.
Like · Reply · · 3 hrs ago
Carmenza Duran Pena
The few negative reviews so far sound like people who just don't know how to have fun at show so ignore that and go enjoy!
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Andy Russell
So. Much. Fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Like · Reply · · 4 hrs ago
Franklin Torres
Best episode to date! All the hype let to this you would be a fool to miss this season!
Like · Reply · · 5 hrs ago
Paige Hubbs
I gotta say this show is a huge success!
Like · Reply · · 7 hrs ago
Loubna Duman
The plot is wonderful, AMAZING SOUNDTRACK. I laughed, I cried and enjoyed every moment.
Like · Reply · · 8 hrs ago
Todd Copen
The plot and everything surrounding this episode is perfect. Very perfect.
Like · Reply · · 12 hrs ago